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(2002) Character modeling + animation for Transworld Snowboarding (Xbox, Housemarque)

Using the skills I gained while developing Darknet video, I was the lead character artist for Transworld Snowboarding. I established the pipeline, and oversaw photoshooting the Transworld skateboarders, directed and also performed motion capture data, edited and animated motion capture data, and oversaw a team of artists making character models while making few of them also by myself. From the character models featured on this portfolio, Jussi Oksanen was modeled by me, Andrew was modeled by Leo Sebastian Kihlman and Kevin was modeled by Olli Sorjonen, all under my supervision. All the animation sequences on this page are edited motion capture. In-game animations can be seen in the trailer.

Jussi Oksanen 3D model. First character model I made.

Jussi Oksanen 3D model. First character model I made.

Collection of characters and animations I recorded back in 2002.

Rendering test

Andrew Greet B.

Andrew Lose A

Andrew Start A

Andrew Start B

Jussi lose A

Kevin Idle A

Kevin Lose A

Kevin Lose B